Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review

I’ll go first, then you

Perhaps the biggest change in FF7 Remake is the battle system. Fans of the old will recall the infamous ATB system whereby each character has a separate bar that fills gradually as the battle wages on, once the bar is full the player can select from their command list — item, attack, magic etc. It was turn-based so pegging it around the map wasn’t an option.

Not all heroes wear capes

FF7R is a linear RPG. Again, this is a recreation of the Midgar portion of the original game so there are no vast landscapes begging to be explored. Square Enix have made clever use of the city however. The game is essentially split into sectors that act as central hubs. These locales are bustling with charismatic crowds and meticulous detail; the world feels alive. From shopkeepers peddling valuable items to disgruntled residents requiring a helping hand to strolling past a group of gossiping civilians, it all lends itself to a fully realised game world and to top it off, the iconic soundtrack has been perfectly revised with respectable additions to the score making it feel old and brand new at the same time.


Upon completion of the game you gain access to Chapter Select, this allows you to revisit all parts of the game but instead you’re granted your current level of equipment and abilities, kind of a new game+. This is mandatory for the completionist in order to earn that coveted Platinum Trophy as this can not be achieved in a single play-through. There’s plenty of incentive to dive back in and collect quest specific items, challenge foes in the coliseum or take on the toughest enemies in the VR simulator. If you manage to get through all of that then Hard Mode will provide a healthy challenge even for veterans of the franchise.


Remaking one of, if not the most beloved RPG of all time is no easy feat. After mixed reactions to initial glimpses and early demos shown over the past five years, so much was riding on Square Enix to get this right. And boy did they smash it.



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